The Tour gets interesting…

Yesterday's stage was the best one I've watched in a long time. Lance Armstrong gets
attacked, and doesn't blow away the field. Tyler Hamilton rides with Lance despite
having a broken collarbone. Jan Ulrich loses 90 seconds to Lance. Iban Mayo does blow
away the field.

All of this in front of thousands of rabid fans.

Lance ends up in the yellow jersey, but not by much. This is going to be much more
interesting than last year.

Best moment in the coverage was when they showed 3 cows in a pasture, wearing jerseys
yellow, green, and spotted.

Comments (9)

  1. I find the young Mayo is very strong and can be extremely dangerous for Armstrong.
    And of course, do not throw ‘our’ Jan in the dustbin too early … 😉 I don’t think he *lost* 90 seconds. It is just 90 seconds … he is not on the top of his career (too much problems in the pre-season) – I think he can make into the top three.
    And a very sad day today for Banesto and Beloki: one of the strongest – if not *the* strongest – opponent is out and injured.

  2. Eric says:

    I read one of Lance’s interviews, and he said he was surprised that the group was attacking him instead of working to pull Mayo back and get more time on Jan.

    I think that riders will attack Lance because he is Lance, even if it is not in their best interest overall. That could cause some real problems.

    I also read that Jan had had a stomach flu a while back, but I’m not sure if it’s a real report, or just an excuse. I expected to see him pushing Lance in the hills, but it wasn’t apparent yesterday (and I won’t watch today’s coverage until tonight).

    It’s strange that after two days in the mountains, we’re out of the alps and back on the flats for a day, and then to the Pyrrenees (sp?)

    And for my own part, I averaged. 24 KPH on my 13 mile ride this morning. At least there are hills on that route, so it’s not too embarassing.

  3. Jim Argeropoulos says:

    While I want Lance to take a fifth win, I am rooting for Tyler. I just can’t imagine riding with the kind of pain he must be enduring. The man is just incredible. Go Tyler!

  4. Eric says:

    I watched Beloki’s crash and Lance’s excursion. In motorcycle circles, Beloki did a "high side", which is always the worst, as it thrown the rider either up or at the ground. It’s a shame he’s out – thigh, elbow, and wrist fractures.

  5. Wow – Lance did it again. Really great show today (we have a live coverage here in Germany). I know there are some discussions about the ‘fairness’ … well, today he was definitely the strongest.
    But Jan will make 2nd. That *is* great and nobody (including himself) has ever expected this.

  6. Serdar Kilic says:

    I think Ullrich is accostomed to coming second, in every tour that he’s been (7 I believe) he’s won once and finished second every other time 🙂

    Though this was the best overrall TdF I’ve seen for ages, Indurain was an awesome rider but he never attacked, just rode the TT very very well. Armstrongs TdF wins were much more interesting, but I think they too fall short for "viewer entertainment".

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