Meet Windows Phone v.Next (aka "Mango")

You can upgrade to a Windows Phone now and update it for free when the next release of Windows Phone, codenamed Mango, is available this fall.

Easier to connect and share



Threads—Switch between text, Facebook chat, and Windows Live Messenger, within the same conversation.




Groups—Group contacts into personalized Live Tiles to see the latest status updates and quickly send a text, email, or IM to the whole group, right from the Start Screen.


A smarter approach to apps



Multitasking—Quickly switch between apps while preserving battery life and performance.




Improved Live Tiles—Get real-time information from apps without having to open them.


Web that goes beyond the browser



Local Scout—Provides hyper-local search results and recommends nearby restaurants, shopping, and activities in an easy-to-use guide.¹




Internet Explorer 9—Browse with our built-in version, plus support for HTML5 and hardware-accelerated graphics


Plus, you'll enjoy ringtones and more in this update. With Windows Phone, the great features just keep on coming.

Check out the videos here:

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