Windows Azure Platform MSDN Offer Extension

Microsoft is extending the availability of the current Windows Azure Platform MSDN offer through March 31, 2011. Anyone signing up for this offer is guaranteed to receive the current monthly benefit for 16 months from the date of their enrollment. As the monthly level of benefits is greater than what was previously being considered for this offer’s replacement, we believe this is a win for our MSDN subscribers.

Below is an overview of what customers will receive each month:

Windows Azure

750 hours of a small compute instance / month

10 GB of storage

1,000,000 storage transactions / month

SQL Azure

3 Web Edition databases (up to 1 GB of relational data per database)

Windows Azure AppFabric

1,000,000 Access Control transactions / month

1 pack of 5 Service Bus connections / month

Data Transfers

North America and Europe (per region / month)

7 GBs in

14 GBs out

Asia Pacific Region

2.5 GB in

5 GB out

For more information, see MSDN Subscriptions – Azure Benefits Overview.

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