Windows Azure Tools and SDK July Release Now Live!

The Windows Azure Platform has just released an updated SDK and Tools package.
You can find both available as follows:



New in the July 2009 CTP SDK 

  • The Windows Azure SDK now supports developing and deploying services containing multiple web and worker roles.

  • The new PowershellRole sample hosts the Powershell runtime within a Windows Azure role

New in the July 2009 Windows Azure Tools


  • New project creation UI

  • Support for multiple web and worker roles.

Something to note, "Windows Azure", from a purist point-of-view, is NOT the Windows Azure Platform. 
We have quite a few customers and partners who (perhaps rightfully) appear to be confused when you say "Windows Azure" is not "Windows Azure Platform" (formerly "Azure Services Platform")

      What is the Windows Azure Platform?

The Windows Azure Platform is an internet-scale cloud computing services platform hosted in Microsoft data centers. The Windows Azure Platform, which provides a range of functionality to build applications that span from consumer Web to enterprise scenarios, includes a cloud services operating system and a set of developer services. Windows Azure, Microsoft SQL Azure and Microsoft .NET Services are the key components of the Windows Azure Platform.

    What is Windows Azure?

Windows Azure provides developers with on-demand compute and storage to host, scale and manage Web applications on the Internet through Microsoft data centers.

    What is SQL Azure?

Recently, Microsoft announced a branding change for SQL Services and SQL Data Services.  The new names for these services are Microsoft SQL Azure (formerly SQL Services) and SQL Azure Database (formerly SQL Data Services). This is only a branding change and does not reflect any changes in the vision and strategy. Microsoft SQL Azure will continue to deliver on Microsoft’s Data Platform vision of extending the SQL Server capabilities in cloud as web-based services. SQL Azure will deliver a rich set of integrated services for relational databases; reporting; and analytics and data synchronization with mobile users, remote offices and business partners. SQL Azure Database is currently available as a Community Technology Preview (CTP) service. Other services will be available in the future.


       What are the .NET Services?

Microsoft .NET Services are a suite of web-based developer services that make it easier for Windows Azure applications and SQL Azure databases to connect and interoperate securely with existing software assets. .NET Services run on the Windows Azure platform, and provide a Service Bus and an Access Control Service for customers with the need to integrate cloud services with on-premises systems, or to perform business-to-business collaboration.


The Service Bus service enables secure, loosely-coupled connectivity between services and applications behind firewall or network boundaries, using a variety of communication patterns. The Access Control service provides an enterprise-class mechanism for performing federated access control authorization as a web service across organizations and protocols.

Look forward to hearing from you Cloud Computing folks on what you like/dislike about Windows Azure, and how you can see us making it better !!


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