Azure and Silverlight Deep-Diving

Getting Started with Silverlight
‘Getting Started with Silverlight’ is a series of 11 videos and hands-on materials that introduces the concepts, skills, and applications customers need when building their first Silverlight application. [link...]

Great Windows Live Videocasts and Information:
Check it out on the Live Services Blog at

Want to deep-dive into the Windows Azure Services Platform?
I have been involved in a course over the last several weeks and this is a mere fraction of the reading material we have covered. (Believe me, it is just a small fraction too…)  At any rate, this is all publically available stuff, and there’s quite a lot of videos / screen casts you could leverage as well, but here’s a abridged reading material syllabus:  

ü  Read the white paper by David Chappell


ü  Read MSDN Magazine “An Introduction to RESTful Services with WCF” by Jon Flanders

ü  Read “Getting Started with the Windows Azure SDK”


ü  Read the white paper on Azure Table Storage


ü  Read the white paper on Azure Blob Storage


ü  Read the white paper on Azure Queue Storage


ü  Read “Understanding Service Architecture”


ü  Perform the steps in Jim Nakashima’s walkthrough “Quick Lap Around the Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio”


ü  Read “Introducing Geneva” by David Chappell


ü  Read “Introduction to Windows Live ID”


ü  Read “Microsoft Federation Gateway”


ü  Read “Understanding Windows Live Delegated Authentication”


ü  Read “Introducing Live Mesh” by Amit Mital


ü  Read the Live Framework White Paper


ü  Read MSDN Magazine “Building Distributed Applications With .NET Services” by Aaron Skonnard


ü  Read “.NET Service Bus Overview”

Attention: Important Information on Service Pack 2
We take product quality seriously and make every effort to avoid and resolve issues that adversely impact our customers.  Unfortunately, we have recently discovered a bug with Service Pack 2 (SP2) that affects all customers that have deployed it for SharePoint Server 2007!

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