We’re #294!


Thank you all for helping push my humble prose into the limelight.  Our little community is now in the top 10% of the most accessed blogs on MSDN.  We'd probably be a lot higher if I got off my lazy behind and wrote more often.  Anyway the monthly stats came out and this is the 294th most frequently visited blog on msdn (out of over 4000).  Just remember, you guys were all auditing before auditing was cool.  Oldnewthing, I have my sights set on you.

Anyway several people have been encouraging me to write more and now that Vista is out the door I intend to do just that, starting a couple of days ago.

Thank you, I honestly hope you guys find this useful.  I also have a bigger surprise in store that you'll really like but you'll have to be patient.

Warmest regards,


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