A good 3rd-party reference to the Windows security event log

Randy Franklin Smith has a site with a very good reference to security event log events.  Randy also does training on Windows security log analysis.

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  1. The__Stranger says:

    On SBS 2003 I get these, some times 2 some times 20.  The machines that are getting the ticket denied seems to be accessed using RD.  I haven’t verified this but I believe it to be true.

    It was about the time SP1 for Server 2003 came out that I started getting these.  This I am not sure of, but I do know there was a time when I wasn’t getting them and now I am – nothing that I’m aware of changed.  Bla Bla —  Not looking for support, I want to uderstand if RD connections could get a Service Ticket denied more likely than regular desktop connections.

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