If you have auditing questions (as opposed to general security questions), please feel free to comment my blog or send me email.  I read it all and respond (eventually), and I love to post on new topics.

I just want to make sure that this is useful stuff.

Best regards,



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  1. Jeff Parker says:

    Heh, yeah it is useful stuff and while going through security logs I do not think is any developers dream job you do get peppy about it.

    A couple general things for you hopefully you can answer. IIS security Loging, Making sense of the sea of the text file.

    Advice warning signs to look for if something goofy is going on like someone trying to get in.

    I know Microsoft has that new log parser application unfortunately it is all commandline based and not very easy to use. I find it easier to dump logs out to a text file and use the find and find next function in notepad. But anyway how can that be used to create security reports.

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