SharePoint Business Continuity Planning

For this blog post, I’d like to discuss a topic that seems to be getting a lot of attention with most of my customers lately – Business Continuity Planning. Typically, the discussions regarding this topic run the gamut but within those discussions I often find that there is confusion and misunderstanding around key topics as…


Customer Question: Renaming Site Collections in SharePoint 2013

As part of my day to day role as a Premier Field Engineer, I often receive questions from my customers as well as from colleagues or from their customers.  Last week I received a question that was interesting enough to warrant a blog post and broader discussion. Note:  The instructions provided are for SharePoint 2013…


SharePoint Server 2010 Version Reference

The tables below list the specific build numbers for the various patches released for SharePoint Foundation Server 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010.  This is a working document and will be updated as new updates are released to the public. For information about the latest updates available please see “Updates for SharePoint 2010 Products” at….