KB932091 has been re-released

As some of you may have experienced or seen in various blog or forum posts, some people encountered problems after installing WSS 3.0 hotfix KB932091.  Recently, Microsoft has re-released the hotfix to correct the problem.

It turns out that the problem with this hotfix was actually related to another issue that results in possible database corruption if psconfig upgrade is run on a server with active connections.  Evidently, the KB932091 installer made a call to "psconfig -cmd upgrade" though it was unnecessary for this hotfix.   The potential database corruption problem with psconfig is being addressed in an upcoming hotfix soon to be released. 

The upcoming hotfix should prevent further corruption but Microsoft is still recommending the following procedure when installing hotfixes that require you to tun the Sharepoint Configuration Wizard.

  1. Stop the w3svc service
  2. Run "psconfig -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b -wait"

I will post on this topic again as more information becomes available.

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