Visio Partner Conference this week!

It’s been a busy week for us here on the Visio team.  We’re getting ready to host the first Visio Partner Conference in over 4 years this coming Thursday and Friday in Seattle.  We have over 230 partners and other Visio fans (sold out!) coming to get an in-depth look at what’s new in Visio…


A brief detour from data: AutoConnect

I thought I’d start off the New Year with a little break from the data features in Visio 12, and talk about one of the other areas we’ve been working on in the product as well.  We are spending a lot of time on data, but are doing plenty of other features too!  One of…


Quick comment (on comments) for the New Year

Welcome back!  Hope everyone out there had a great holiday season.  For those of you who tried to submit a comment and couldn’t, yes, I really DO want to hear from you!  Evidently there was a setting that didn’t allow comments to be posted, which I just changed.  So submit away!


Data Graphics: visualizing data on your diagram

Last week I talked about connecting a Visio diagram to data, but we hadn’t gone over how to actually display the data on the diagram itself.  That’s where data graphics comes in.  Data graphics is a new technology we are introducing in Visio 12 that provides a variety of ways of showing data on top…


Data Link: getting data into your shapes

Okay, let’s dig into some of the scenarios around integrating data with Visio diagrams that I mentioned last week.  One of the major trends right now in the enterprise is the focus on process improvement.  Companies can realize huge gains in quality and profitability by visualizing their business processes, analysing them for inefficiencies, and targeting…


Hello and welcome

Hi everyone, I’m the Lead Program Manager for the Visio team and I’m going to be talking about the new features we’ve been working on for Visio 12.  I am also looking forward to hearing from you about your Visio thoughts.  A little bit about me:  this is the first release of Visio that I…