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Do you ever open, save or use AutoCAD files (DXF/DWG) with Visio? If so, the Visio product team would like to talk to you. Please drop us a line, and we’ll be in touch.

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  1. John Fletcher says:

    Hi Eric,

    I use import/export AutoCAD files from a number of programs. I am currently involved in a project to migrate our Facility Management Solution to Visio. This may require me to import more than 150 AutoCAD drawing into Visio.

    It is not the most user friendly process I have experienced ( scale, positioning, layers, etc.) – so any new or proposed enhancements to this process would be very useful.


  2. Ken Mattoon says:

    I am about to use Visio 2007 Professional and use their architectural functions to create plant and floor plan drawings.  That is why I am interested in drawing conversions.

    I too look forward to being able also import/export dxf and dwg files.


  3. MSDN Archive says:


    Please send me email instead of posting comments, so that I can get back in touch with you.   You can use the "email" link up on the grey bar at the top of the page.



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