Do You Share Diagrams On A Server?

Do you ever put Visio diagrams on a SharePoint site, Web site, or file server so you can easily share them with others? Are you making use of Visio 2007’s Data Link and Data Graphics features? If so, the Visio Product Planning department would like to talk to you! We are currently conducting research to…

DXF, DWG & Visio

Hey!   Do you ever open, save or use AutoCAD files (DXF/DWG) with Visio? If so, the Visio product team would like to talk to you. Please drop us a line, and we’ll be in touch.


A LOT more information on creating custom data graphics

We keep on hearing requests for more details on how to create your own data graphics.  Bill Morein’s post gave you the basics, and now Mark Nelson on the Visio PM team has written a much more detailed article on this topic (and data graphics in general) and posted it up on MSDN: . This should…

Everything you wanted to know about Themes and shapes

Tim Davenport, a Visio Program Manager on my team, has written an MSDN article that gives a ton of great information about our new themes feature and in particular, how to design Visio shapes that work well with themes.  Check it out here: 


Announcing the Visio Customer Council

Hi all, We’re currently recruiting for the Visio Customer Council, which is a great way to have an early impact on the next version of the product.  Please read below to see if you are interested.  For all of you RSS aggregators, forgive the spam if you’re getting this on the other Visio blogs too -…

Creating custom data graphics

One of the things we keep hearing from customers is a desire to make their own Data Graphics instead of using the ones we provide with Visio 2007.  This is completely possible — we designed Data Graphics to be extensible.   Bill Morein, a fellow Visio blogger on my team, has posted some initial information on…


Now everybody can try out Visio 2007

There’s been a lot going on this week that I wanted to let you know about.  First of all, of course, Office 2007 Beta 2 (including Visio) has been released and is publicly available, which means that everyone can download and try out this huge release.  Beta 2 looks good across the board and Visio…


Themes: Great Results in a few clicks

Hi, I’m back again from another round of traveling (thanks for the messages from people wondering where I was!) and I’ve still got more new features to tell you about in Visio 2007.  This week I’m going to spend some time talking about the new Themes feature and some of the other improvements to how…


PivotDiagrams, part 1

Hey, what’s up?  I’m back from a little break after the Visio Partner Conference.  Today I’m going to talk about the last of the major data features we are doing in Visio 12:  PivotDiagrams.  You can think of PivotDiagrams as similar to PivotTables in Excel.  They allow you to work with data where you want…


Visio Conference Recap

Wow, what a couple of days it’s been at the Visio Partner Conference!  The level of excitement has been fantastic, and the new data features have been received very well.  Steve Ballmer started things off with the typical Ballmer enthusiasm Thursday morning with a joint Visio and Project Keynote.  He featured a great demo from…