Building a Status Report Application With VSTO 2005 & Word

Another new article on MSDN about VSTO 2005–this time by J. Jason De Lorme.  Jason mentions that VSTO 2005 doesn’t support complex databinding against XMLNodes.  We did add an “UpdateXML” method (renamed to LoadXML in Beta 2) on an XMLNode that should make some of the tasks you do with XML in Word easier–I wonder…


Getting Outlook to shut down

I’ve had a number of people ask me how to get Outlook to shutdown properly when you create a managed add-in for it.  I alluded to this issue briefly in my last blog.  The OnDisconnection method you implement in your add-in’s implementation of IDTExtensibility2 doesn’t get called if you have outstanding variables that are still…


Fun with Shimming Wizards, Shimming and Outlook

As promised, I thought I’d report on my experience with the new Shimming wizards that I blogged about earlier.  The wizards are available for download here.   I’ve been working mainly with Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 and the 2.0 CLR.  Silly me, I assumed that these would work out of the box with the…


Another venue for VSTO 1.0

A quick plug for another way to get your hands on VSTO 1.0. If you haven’t picked up VSTO yet, you should check out Visual Studio .NET 2003 Special Edition.  It includes a bunch of extra goodies including Visual Tools for Office 2003 which was previously “sold separately”. 


Add-in Shimming Wizard!

I’ve talked at some length in this blog about the importance of shimming your managed add-in so it can live in its own appdomain and not do damage to other add-ins.  Also, while I’m on the topic, please don’t force a particular version of the CLR–always load the latest version available of the CLR. Anyway,…


There be PowerPoint here captain!

I’ve updated officewiki ( to include PIA documentation for the PowerPoint PIAs. Go to to see the main PowerPoint index.


Programming Visio, Building Research Services in .NET

Mai-lan, a lead PM on the Visio team, has started blogging about Visio development issues including tips for .NET development against Visio. She recently blogged about how to improve performance of Visio solutions.  Check it out. Also, you should check out the new MSDN articles, sample code, and tools that help you build research services…


Simple data binding changes in VSTO 2.0 Beta 2

[Thanks to Mohit Gupta for his code examples that I quote in this entry] We changed how simple data binding works in VSTO 2.0 Beta 2 from the Beta 1 behavior. As you may know, simple data binding in VSTO 2.0–say binding an Excel named range to a “Name” column from a customers table–is basically one…


Excel Tetris!

As a developer in our group said, this isn’t a killer enterprise app, it’s an enterprise killer app. If you’re feeling a little too productive, check out this article by Woo Seok Seo where you are shown how to create a Tetris application in Excel using Visual Studio Tools for Office 1.0.  Crazy stuff 🙂…