VB Code Samples for the VSTO for Office 2007 Book Now Available

I wanted to make sure everyone knows that VB code samples for the VSTO for Office 2007 book are now available.  You can download them here:  http://www.informit.com/content/images/9780321533210/downloads/VB%20Code%20Listings.zip  Long live VB!


8. VSTO Bug Tracker : Using a Ribbon

To get started, from the Project menu choose Add New Item. In the Add New Item dialog box, click Ribbon (Visual Designer). Then click the Add button. A new Ribbon is created and the Ribbon Designer is displayed. Next, click on the Group control that is created for you and change the Label in the…


7. VSTO Bug Tracker : Using Document-Level Features in Add-Ins

Prior to Visual Studio 2008 SP1, you couldn’t use common VSTO features like controls in the document and databinding to list objects at the add-in level.  But with SP1 we introduced a way for you to use these features at the add-in level.  In this section some of the wierd ways Idid things in section…


6. VSTO Bug Tracker: Word Report Generation

Another thing I want my bug tracking system to do is help me generate a weekly report with a summary table of key stats for all my teams. I want to do this in Word so I can add my own comments and a status summary of what went on during the week. We already…


5. VSTO Bug Tracker : Using Cached Data

We are now going to convert our previous sample to use cached data.  In our current solution we have code that when the document loads, it calls a web service to get the bug data.  We are going to use the cached data feature to allow us to call the web service at a different…


4. VSTO Bug Tracker : Getting the data into Excel

The next step is to get more of the bug data into Excel so we can start to analyze it.  To do this, we will use VSTO’s data bind to ListObject support. I’m going to approach this in a different “more advanced” way that will make sense later in the demo. Long time VSTO developer…


3. VSTO Bug Tracker : A UDF

Now that we have our web service, lets get started by writing a managed UDF that uses the web method “GetColumnValue”.  In fact, the UDF will mirror this web method and make it so we can use it in Excel formulas. First, add a new C# or VB class library project to your solution using…


2. VSTO Bug Tracker : The Web Service

Within Microsoft, there is a web service already implemented that I can use in my solution to call the bug tracking system and get back the data described in the previous article.  For my demo, I’m going to implement a demo web service that will stand in for that internal Microsoft web service.  It will…


1. VSTO Bug Tracker : The Data

For my TechEd demo today, I will be showing a solution that helps me to do part of my job as a development manager: tracking the bug counts in the product.  At Microsoft, we have an internal system that tracks a ton of relevant bug stats in TFS and takes a snapshot of various key metrics…


If you are using Windows 7 RC and VSTO you better read this

Saurabh blogs about how to work around an error you get if you published a VSTO solution using VS2008 on a machine running the Windows 7 RC and then you try to install the solution on any machine you will see the following error: “The required version of the .NET Framework is not installed on…