Advanced Word & Excel 2007 Development in Visual Studio 2008 with VSTO (OFC 324)

I will be at TechEd next week and will present a session on advanced VSTO:

Advanced Microsoft Office Word and Excel 2007 Development in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 with Visual Studio Tools for Office
Eric Carter
Thursday 5/14/2009 1:00PM-2:15PM
Room 515A

My session will be a very “demo heavy” session.  I've now started posting the full walkthrough of my demo.

Here is what I plan to demo:

artE12 UDFs in .NET for Excel

artE13 Bound Content Controls for Word

artE14 Cached Data

artE15 Advanced Ribbon Techniques

artE17 VSTO Document Features for Add-Ins

artE18 Preview of VSTO v.Next

See you on Thursday at 1:00 PM.

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  1. All these Demos from MSFT sounds good. If you could also add real-life usage scenario to your demo (atleast from a talking/speaking point perspective), that will add some value on WHY somebody should use these products & components.

    People can remember the code-base & demo very well provided you add a real-life scenarion to it, just demoing a code at times can be boring..

    My 2 cents….

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