VSTO Community Activities in Vienna

There are some great VSTO community activities going on in Vienna.  Office Community Day is being held on May 8th in Vienna and is free.  They will be covering: Introduction to VSTO OpenXML Deployment in VSTO SharePoint Workflows and more.  Mario Meir-Huber and Lars Keller are driving this, and having spoken before with Mario, he…


Content Control Event Model in Word 2007

New in Word 2007, content controls can be inserted into a document to provide more structure and control—for example when you have a section of the document that you want to allow the user to put a picture into or pick a value from a drop-down list. There are eight content controls: rich text, plain…


Object Model Changes for Developers Between Excel 2003 and Excel 2007

There a lot of changes between Excel 2003 and Excel 2007 for developers.  Here are some highlights that I found interesting in the object model.  Note that you should use the trick I blog about in this post for more detailed comparisons.  There is also a nice resource on MSDN to see object model changes…


Changes in the Add-In Model between VSTO 2.0 and VSTO 3.0

It is instructive to compare code from the previous edition of my book to see what changed between Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 as well as the changes to the add-in model between VSTO 2.0 and VSTO 3.0.   This is a VSTO Outlook add-in that handles the ItemSend event and checks if there are more…


Visual Studio Tools for Office 2007 Code Listings

The C# code listings for the VSTO 2007 book are attached to this post.  I will also get them posted to the book site in the next several days.  Enjoy! VSTO 2007 Code Listings.zip


Attaching to an already running Office application from your application using GetActiveObject or BindToMoniker

One common pattern of Office development is the Office Automation Executable—a console or windows forms application that starts up an Office application and talks to it.  Sometimes you won’t want to start a new instance of an Office application but will instead want to attach to an already running instance. To do this, you can…


VSTO 3.0 Features – What Features For What Office Applications?

With VSTO 3.0 in Visual Studio 2008, there are a lot of new features and it can be a bit of a challenge to keep track of what’s enabled for what application. The table below comes from my new book and shows the Office 2007 applications that are supported by VSTO 3.0 and the various…


Getting VSTO Projects to Build Without Installing Visual Studio

I stumbled upon a couple of good posts about getting VSTO projects to build on a continuous integration machine that doesn’t have Visual Studio installed on it. Unfortunately we do not make this very easy to do, but these bloggers provide some help: Rinat Abdullin’s post is here: http://abdullin.com/journal/2009/2/17/building-vsto-solutions-without-visual-studio.html Kent Boogaart has a post here:…


New VSTO 3.0 and Office 2007 Book Hot off the Presses

I’m excited to announce that I have completed a new book on VSTO 2008 and Office 2007 that is hot off the presses.  I just got a copy in the mail and as my editor said, it’s a “big baby”, 1055 pages of VSTO 3.0 goodness. This book was an interesting experience.  At first the…