Seeking feedback on VBA if you are at TechEd this month

Do you use VBA (or any other extensibility mechanism) in Office and are you headed to TechEd? If so the we would like to talk with you in an "invitation only" meeting. This is your chance to share your feedback and influence the work that Microsoft is doing in the programmability space. You must be available for either:

·         TechEd Dev: Held at 4:30 on Thursday, June 5th

·         TechEd ITPro: Held at 3:00pm on Monday, June 9th

If interested, please respond to the following questions to

·         Dev week or ITPro week session?

·         Please describe your current role.

·         What's the size of your organization? Workgroup?

·         How/when do you use VBA?

·         Are you familiar with .NET and Visual Studio Tools for Office? If so, do you use those tools? If not, why not?

We want to hear from you -- come and make yourself heard!


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