In the category of interesting add-ins for Word…it’s Linktacular

A VSTO add-in for Word that hyperlinks all the acronyms you’ve used in a Word document (and defined in a dictionary file) to Wikipedia or alternate links. I thought of Amanda Silver on my team when I saw this as I recently received a mail from her that would have taken me days to…


Office Development While You Workout

Harry Miller has done a really cool series of podcasts that you can download and listen to while you workout, drive, etc. See Super cool.


Inter-AddIn Communications

This is an important article to read if you’ve every wondered about how to get add-ins you’ve written to talk to other add-ins loaded in the same Office process. Basically, it involves the callee Add-in overriding RequestComAddinAutomationService to provide an object that caller add-ins can talk to.  Then the caller add-in uses the ComAddins…


Getting My Head Around Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007 Object Model Changes

I’m trying to get my head around all the changes in the Outlook 2007 object model. Some good resources are found on MSDN: New Objects, Collections, and Enumerations New Members and Constants Object Model Changes Since Microsoft Office 2003 Developer Issues When Upgrading Solutions to Outlook 2007 Also, this may be helpful to someone out…


VBA and VSTO Can Be Friends (Part III)

When we last left our heroes: We created a word document, turned on the developer tab, and recorded a macro into the word document called MyMacro We worked with the trust center to make c:\vstotemp a trusted location including subfolders. We saved our word document to c:\vstotemp\vstoandvba.docm by picking save as and saving in the…