Version2003 Version2007?

Saw a weird bug in VSTO this weekend as I was setting up a new home machine (Quad core—woohoo!).  After I installed VSTO, I got this in the new projects dialog: Version2003 and Version2007 were displayed rather than 2003 and 2007. Turns out that this can happen if you install Vista, then install Visual Studio,…


Nice Post on Building the next Xobni

I really liked David Crow’s post on building the next Xobni–has lots of practical advise about both the business and value adds OBAs can make as well as some good links to articles for beginners.


Dynamically Creating a VSTO Worksheet in Visual Studio 2008 SP1

Note that the approach described in this article is not supported by Microsoft. The GetVstoObject method is designed to be used primarily in application-level add-ins. Using this method in the way described in this article is an undocumented feature that could change at any time or in any release of VSTO. The official documentation does…


Using VSTO Document Features in Application-Level Add-Ins

One commonly asked for feature in VSTO is the ability to use Word document and Excel workbook features in Application-level add-in projects. Starting with Visual Studio 2008 SP1, there is now a mechanism to use many of the document-level features in your application-level add-in projects. Using this new mechanism, you can get a VSTO host…


Creating Application-Level Smart Tags in VSTO

VSTO’s document-level Smart Tags are great when you want to recognize a term in a particular document or a class of document created from a template. What are your options when you want to recognize a term in all open documents? I’m going to show two ways–the easy way and the hard way.  My first…


Seeking feedback on VBA if you are at TechEd this month

Do you use VBA (or any other extensibility mechanism) in Office and are you headed to TechEd? If so the we would like to talk with you in an “invitation only” meeting. This is your chance to share your feedback and influence the work that Microsoft is doing in the programmability space. You must be…


In the category of interesting add-ins for Word…it’s Linktacular

A VSTO add-in for Word that hyperlinks all the acronyms you’ve used in a Word document (and defined in a dictionary file) to Wikipedia or alternate links. I thought of Amanda Silver on my team when I saw this as I recently received a mail from her that would have taken me days to…


Office Development While You Workout

Harry Miller has done a really cool series of podcasts that you can download and listen to while you workout, drive, etc. See Super cool.