Using the Ribbon Designer in Visual Studio 2008

There’s a great little screencast by Daniel Moth that shows how to use the Ribbon Designer in Visual Studio 2008 to create custom ribbons for Office customizations.  He covers the RAD ribbon design experience and also covers the XML ribbon editing experience as well for power users.  Office Ribbon Customisation in Visual Studio 2008


Ribbon Screencast using Visual Studio 2008 Ribbon Designer

There’s a nice screencast to check out that shows how to use the Ribbon designer and use built in Office icons in your ribbon: Also on the topic of ribbons and icons, check out this great post at Andrew Whitechapel’s blog on using transparency when grabbing Office icons for your .NET app: Preserving the…


Webcast with Ken Getz talking VSTO

A great .NET Rocks! webcast featuring Ken Getz talking about VSTO 3.0. The VSTO discussion starts at about 15 minutes in.  Some gratuitous quotes: "These folks have just done an amazing job" "For VS 2008, they’ve made incredible strides… I think they’ll finally hit critical mass with this fourth version" “Things that were incredibly…


IPictureDisp and System.Drawing.Image

Check out this great post by Andrew Whitechapel on this issue which comes up all the time in Office development when working with toolbars and ribbons: Converting between IPictureDisp and System.Drawing.Image

Outlook Extensions Made Easy With Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2

Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 is available today and with it, a new age of Office development begins.  Visual Studio Professional 2008 now includes all the Office projects previously only in the Visual Studio Tools for Office or Visual Studio Team System products. So now everyone can build extensions for Office.  Now that the Office projects…


Great News for Outlook Developers

Great news for Outlook developers–Microsoft has just an online reference and guide to the Outlook 2007 PIAs.  This is the first time there has been a PIA reference for Outlook.  The reference includes a lot of helpful “How To” segments which show you how to do common tasks with the Outlook object model.  You can…


VSTO Deployment Gets Easy

Paul Stubbs blogs about how easy we made deployment in VSTO Orcas. We got rid of our dependency on caspol and now have a version independent policy store.  We now use ClickOnce including the ClickOnce cache.  We do automatic update checking on an interval specified by the developer so you can publish your add-in to…


I got my VSTO in your VBA–no you got your VBA in my VSTO

Check out a screen cast on channel 9 that shows how VSTO Orcas will enable you to easily create solutions that mix existing VBA code with new VSTO code.


VSTO Live Search

Paul Stubbs has created a cool little custom Windows Live search page that searches VSTO related blogs and documentation to get you an answer on VSTO quickly.  Check it out!