VSTO ‘v3’ CTP for Office 2007 Beta 2

The VSTO 'v3' CTP for Office 2007 Beta 2 is available now.  Start playing with Office 2007 development and the next version of VSTO today.

First you need to get Office 2007 Beta 2: http://www.microsoft.com/office/preview/beta/getthebeta.mspx 

Then go get the VSTO 'v3' CTP for Office Beta 2--this is an add-on that installs on top of an existing VS 2005 install: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=68978824-CA55-4208-A55E-5C4858183B31&displaylang=en

Have fun!

Comments (7)

  1. Eric, I have one tiny question…

    The VSTO June CTP mentioned "Microsoft WinFX Runtime Components – February Community Technology Preview (CTP)" in its requirements.

    Is it OK to use the WinFX Beta 2 in combination with the VSTO June CTP instead of the WinFX Feb CTP?

    -= Maarten =-

    MVP – Visual Developer – VSTO

  2. I have exactely the same question. Does it work with the WinFX Beta 2 ???


  3. You cant install the vsto3 with WInFx Beta 2. A new release of vsto3 with WinFx Beta 2 will be welcome.


  4. GeoffGB says:

    Same issue here.  And everything else (except Windows Workflow Beta 2.2) requires the June Beta 2s so I guess no fun experimental development for me just yet…

  5. Azra says:

    Same problem under Vista beta 2 🙁

  6. Eckehard Pfeifer says:

    Hi, Eric, In the previous version of VSTO v3 it was possible to customize the ribbon of workbooks or documents controlled by an assembly through the ribbon conrol (this does not appear in the template folder, but one can copy it from an – temporary – COM-Add-In-project). This way used the ServiceRequest-Event for tThisApplication and ThisWorkbook, resp. In the present version the ribbon control in COM-Add-In-projects overrides a function in ThisApplication-class which is not available in Thisworkbook-class.

    I feel the problem ist the same as for user defined functions in Excel. Excel cannot – simmple – recognize userdefined functions and now callback procedures for the ribbon if they are in an assembly which is attached to the document (btw: COM-registering is not possible in the MyProject-Dialog-box for VB, but for C#). And so the problem remains: How to customize the ribbon in such projects for excel and Word?

    I hope my English is not to bad to understand my problem.



  7. Gavin Lilley says:

    VSOT (june) wont install here either, it complains that office isnt a full install; not aure if this is related to the winfx ctp also installed?

    Is there a workaround as Im itching to see this?

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