The first must-have VSTO add-on: enhance your Office IntelliSense

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you must download the Microsoft IntelliSense XML Files for Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System Solution Developers. This download is a must have for any Visual Studio Tools for Office 2003 or 2005 installation. This download provides summary descriptions of types, members, and parameters to IntelliSense…


San Francisco Launch of Visual Studio–ATE and Book Signing

A quick note–I’ll be at the San Francisco launch of Visual Studio on Monday so look me up if you are attending.  I’ll be in the Ask the Experts area from 7:30-9:00.  I’ll be in the Smart Client & Web Cabana from 1:30-2:45. I’m also doing a book signing of the VSTO book in the bookstore…



I blogged briefly about the VSTA product before.  VSTA is a new product from the same team that brought you VSTO.  It takes the VSTO application customization technologies and makes them available for ISV’s to license and integrate into their own application.  Want to allow your users to extend and create add-ins for your application? …


Scrum, Agility, and all that

A fellow VSTO team member, Ade Miller, is blogging about Agile methods, scrum, etc. Ade has been scrummaster on our dev team as we have been experimenting recently with some of these ideas in our VSTO 3 development work.  Ade is also responsible for some VSTO features like ServerDocument and the LCIDProxy so hopefully he’ll…


VSTO “v3”-an early look at our direction

At PDC we showed an early alpha build of VSTO v3 that gave attendees an idea of where VSTO v3 is going.  Here are some of the early themes of VSTO v3:   Works with Office 12   VSTO v3 will target Office 12.  We plan to make all the features in VSTO 2005 that…


Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA) Launches at PDC

From the team that brought you Visual Studio Tools for Office–we announced a new product today called Visual Studio Tools for Applications. Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA) is a .NET-based application customization technology designed to be embedded into applications to enable developers to create custom experiences on top of those applications.  It offers a…


PDC Observations, "Round tripping" the data with simple data binding back to the data base

Well, PDC has started.  We had a great pre-conference session on VSTO that was well attended–it was fun to show the almost final builds of VSTO 2005 knowing that we’re almost to the end of this long journey to get VSTO 2005 released.  I can’t wait for everyone to be able to start building Office…


Hosting a web page in ActionsPane

Check out this cool little post by Paul on how to put a web page into a VSTO 2.0 ActionsPane.


VSTO Book Launches at PDC!

I’m extremely excited to announce that the long awaited book on VSTO that Eric Lippert and I have been working on for the past year is going to launch at PDC. For more information on the book (all 1008 pages of it) see: The PDC bookstore will have a bunch of copies of the…


Your guide to VSTO 2.0 (and 3.0) at PDC

If you are lucky enough to be attending PDC, there are going to be lots of VSTO goodies for you to check out.  There will be a lot of information on VSTO 2.0 including an entire day preconference on VSTO 2.0 (PRE10).  In addition, PDC is the time to announce and show new products, so…