People to schedule at Tech-Ed–put Rio to work for you

There are a bunch of people going down to Tech-Ed from my team.  I was originally going to be one of them, but things have gotten too busy trying to get VSTO 2.0 shipped, and I got bumped from the list because of my responsibilities here at work. Waaah, sniff, sniff.

There’s this cool tool at Tech-Ed called “Rio” that lets you schedule 1 on 1 time with Microsoft people and other Tech-Ed speakers to express your concerns, learn more, chat, whatever.  If you want to talk about VSTO 1.0, VSTO 2.0, or Office development in general, use the Rio tool at Tech-Ed to schedule some time with any of these people from my team:

Greg DeCicco–A lead PM on VSTO 2.0, he’s in the middle of everything.
Muhammad Arrabi–A PM on my team–he knows a bunch about VSTO 2.0 especially around our data story.
BJ Holtgrewe–Our fearless marketing lead
Harry Miller–A great writer on our team
Iouri Simernitski–Developer who has done a lot of Office programming and working with the community
Mike Hernandez–Community lead on our team, he’s our eyes and ears in the community
Paul Stubbs–PM working on VSTO and future products, also has a lot of prior experience in Office solutions.
Svet Bonev–Developer who has written large chunks of our data story for VSTO 2.0
Donald Drake–Lead Developer on VSTO 2.0 who has built the design-time VS experience around VSTO 2.0

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