OfficeWiki.NET now has Outlook PIA docs

Hi all.  I'm spending the weekend doing some Outlook managed add-in stuff, so I decided to generate some wiki pages on OfficeWiki.NET for the Outlook PIAs to help me in that effort.

I also updated the other wiki pages for Word and Excel and Core to be more explicit about how you get the link to the VBA documentation working.

I posted the new index to the Outlook Wiki pages at  Check them out!

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  1. Omar Shahine says:

    Wohoo! You rock.

  2. Eric Carter says:

    I misgenerated the VBA documentation links for Outlook. I fixed this issue and re-uploaded. They should be working now.

  3. 仪表 says:

    It’s Great,but I Can’t Open the Url you supply…sign

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