Tips and Tricks for Office

PC Magazine posts 106 tips and tricks for Office.  There’s so many obscure things here that I’ve never heard of–like holding down the shift key when picking the file menu in Word–it gives you a “Close All” command.

Someone should put together 365 tips and tricks for Office and turn it into one of those day-to-day calendars.

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  1. Peter Torr says:

    At least one of those first few tips is bogus (like I’m going to read all 106!)

    Hitting Shift+Enter is NOT a good way to start a new item in a bulleted list without a bullet; it simply inserts a line break but DOES NOT start a new paragraph. So depending on your indentation rules, paragraph spacing rules, etc. it will look ugly. Just hit Enter and then remove the bullet.

    (Also, the Format Painter has a key-combination too — Ctrl+Shift+C to copy, Ctrl+Shift+V to paste. Copy the paragraph marker and paste over another paragraph marker to get indentation, borders, etc. applied to another paragraph)

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