Tips and Tricks for Office

PC Magazine posts 106 tips and tricks for Office.  There's so many obscure things here that I've never heard of--like holding down the shift key when picking the file menu in Word--it gives you a “Close All” command.

Someone should put together 365 tips and tricks for Office and turn it into one of those day-to-day calendars.

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  1. Peter Torr says:

    At least one of those first few tips is bogus (like I’m going to read all 106!)

    Hitting Shift+Enter is NOT a good way to start a new item in a bulleted list without a bullet; it simply inserts a line break but DOES NOT start a new paragraph. So depending on your indentation rules, paragraph spacing rules, etc. it will look ugly. Just hit Enter and then remove the bullet.

    (Also, the Format Painter has a key-combination too — Ctrl+Shift+C to copy, Ctrl+Shift+V to paste. Copy the paragraph marker and paste over another paragraph marker to get indentation, borders, etc. applied to another paragraph)

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