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I hinted at View Controls and what they are in a previous post.  I plan to blog some more about them.

In the mean time if you want to read to the end of the story, there's an interesting article on one of the view controls we create for Word in VSTO 2.0--it is based on the bookmark you know and hate love, but has some additional features added to it.  This article is written by Kathleen McGrath--a writer for our team who is one of those great writers who forces us to logically think through things as she documents them.  As a total aside, have you ever found that you really start to get your head around something after writing about it?  I find that one of the best ways to audit a software design is to try to write a document about it.  The organization required to write well about something forces you to find the holes in what you've built.

Anyway, here's the URL:

You can also subscribe to the VSTO 2.0 blog via the link at the left to see future articles about VSTO 2.0.

Like any information I give you here about VSTO 2.0, nothing is set in stone about VSTO 2.0 until we ship so standard disclaimers apply, but this is a good description of the *current* behavior of the feature 🙂  The good thing about things not being set in stone is that your comments can affect these features--we're working on the Beta 1 of VSTO 2.0 right now and hopefully you'll get a copy of it, use it, and tell us what's good and what's not.

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  1. Peter Torr says:

    Doing threat modelling (auditing and diagramming the system, etc.) is also a great "forcing function" for getting the design out there and figuring out not only where it might have vulnerabilities, but also where the design is sub-optimal or just plain bad.

    Threat models rock! 🙂

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