Environment Agnostic Tests

What is an environment agnostic test? This is a test which will execute successfully no matter how the environment is configured assuming that the product which you intend to test is available on the machine. What are some possible environment variables? Operating system, platform, OS language, product language, product sku, product settings, additional applications, etc….


DevDiv Source Control

A question that I was recently asked on a trip was what source control system we use and what it looks like. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in this space for our team and will try to answer the question with this post. What source control provider does your team use? During the…


Disposing Your Finalizers

Yesterday I was bitten by a bug in our test infrastructure where the code was attempting to dispose of an object in the finalize method. It took me a bit longer then I had hoped to track down the issues, but in the end I did track it down and fixed it. Here is some…