My First Review

Well it’s that time of year at Microsoft and all employees were supposed to have the annual review completed by the end of today. I was getting a little worried there at first that I might not get my review completed in time because the C# team is pressing hard to complete all of our…


Soon To Be Recruiting

Today I booked my recruiting trip to Michigan Tech and the University of Chicago. It was actually quite painful booking the trip since there are only 3 flights in and out of Houghton each day. I actually was not able to get a flight in or out of the Houghton County Airport on the days…


C# Language Service QA Exposed

We recently had a “pep” talk on the Visual C# QA team to talk about what our mission is and what some of our goals our. The mission hasn’t been fully baked so I won’t post it the specifics about this today, but expect to see something on this very soon. I did get one…


Windows Hockey Jersey Pictures

Sorry this took a little longer then expected, but here is a picture of the Windows Hockey jersey’s. One thing to note is that the jersey’s we are selling will not have the XBOX patch on them.  


Off Recruiting!

Well I am off on my first recruiting trip while at Microsoft. Ever since I joined the company I’ve wanted to be involved in our recruiting, interviewing and hiring process. I know the kind of impact an individual can have that is involved in these processes and I was willing to take on this responsibility….


Windows Hockey Jersey Questions

The Windows hockey jersey will be the dark Vancouver Canucks jersey manufactured by Kobe Sportswear. Check out Kobe Sportswear for sizing. Pictures coming soon…


Hockey Challenge 2006

Mark your calendars and grab your skates! Join us March 11th and 12th at Key for the 2006 Hockey Challenge! FundraisingMy goal is to raise over $10,000 for the Ronald McDonald House of Seattle! Your donations are tax-deductible and I will begin tracking my progress this week on my blog. Please let me know if you…