MQ… did I hear service pack?

The answer in short is that MQ is not about servicing Whidbey. The MQ milestone is about changing processes and making improvements on these processes. It is NOT about code churn, adding features, or fixing known bugs in VS2005.

We are extremely happy with the quality of Visual Studio 2005 and our goal is to keep the quality of VS extremely high during the next product cycle. The MQ milestone will give us the time and resources we need to improve our processes so that enter the Orcas and Whidbey Servicing cycles with high quality code and maintain this quality throughout.

MQ is about internal improvements to our teams, our tools and our processes.


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  1. zz says:

    Be careful when you say "absolutely not."

    It seems that you are implying there would never be a service pack VS 2005. I think you are going to get a lot developers upset with MS if that was the implication.

  2. Sean McLellan says:

    OK, so MQ != Service Pack. While that’s less exciting ;), it’s good info.

    However, are there resources allocated for an interim release (service pack) to clear up any post-release bugs?

    The current info (FUD, I presume) that I see going out there is that any issues found with Whidbey RTM will be addressed in the Orcas release.

    There are already a couple of (reproduced) issues on the Feedback site which the press (and other vocal bloggers) are using as ammo to throw some mud onto Whidbey on release day. An acknowledgment of these issues and a proposed resolution might clear up some of the supposed "controversy"


  3. C# Tea Time says:

    We recently had a “pep” talk on the Visual C# QA team to talk about what our mission is and what some…

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