CHAT: C# IDE, November 17th @ 1:00 PM PST

“Expansions, enhanced intellisense, type colorization, refactoring, improved code navigation, metadata as source, Edit and Continue! So many new features, you’ll want to make sure you can hit the ground running. Or perhaps you have a question about what you are using today? Join the C# IDE team for a chat completely directed by your questions.”…


Detroit VS2005 Launch a Success!

I just returned from the Visual Studio 2005 Launch in Detroit, MI and I must say that it was an amazing turn out. The last number I heard was approximately 1,800 attendees.


MQ… did I hear service pack?

The answer in short is that MQ is not about servicing Whidbey. The MQ milestone is about changing processes and making improvements on these processes. It is NOT about code churn, adding features, or fixing known bugs in VS2005. We are extremely happy with the quality of Visual Studio 2005 and our goal is to…


Whidbey is over… What are you doing now?

Recently I have been asked by many family and friends what I am doing at work now that we have shipped Whidbey. Some speculate that we are diving into Orcas, some think Orcas is complete and we are working on Hawaii, while others seem to think we are on a big break for the next…


2006 Imagine Cup is LIVE!

Check out the 2006 Imagine Cup! If you are a student register, compete and make a difference.