AX 2009 EP Development CookBook

I have consolidated various blog posts and feedback to one EP development cookbook based on the suggestion from customers/partners. We will keep this updated to make it as a one stop guide for EP development AX2009EPDevCookbook.docx


Setting Left/Right Zone size on a Enterprise Portal page

Enterprise Portal supports 8 different page templates. Each of these come with different SharePoint Zones and each has a predefined width assigned to each of the zones. Further SharePoint Zones by nature tend to expand to fit the contents (i.e. Webparts). Suppose you are using the page template with 2 zones (Left & Right) and…

Persisting Filter conditions in EP Grid

Persisting Filter condition in EP Grid In AX 2009, EP grid control comes with an advanced filter. Here is a code to persist the filter condition the user last entered in a page for that user, so that later when the user comes back to the same page the last filter is applied and user…


Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal Development Webinar – Recording

Finally i was able to get the recording uploaded. It is not the original recording. Had some issues with Live meeting, so re-recorded the webinar.The recording is available on Channel9 –


EP Development Webinar – Presentation Deck

I have attached the PPT I presented at the EP Development Webinar on 28th April. I will trying to get the recoridng uploaded as well. Will post it in couple of days. Enterprise Portal Development.pptx


Sharing Code between User Controls in EP

One of the commonly asked questions is – How do I share code between different EP controls. Enterprise Portal in AX 2009, supports sharing of code using a dummy User Control (we call this a dummy user control as it doesn’t have any UI and contains only reusable functions). Create a User control and add…


Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Enterprise Portal Quick starts and Screen casts

Enterprise Portal in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 is built on and provides full power and flexibility  to  developers to build real , modern, interactive and responsive web applications for intranet, extranet and Internet scenarios.   For any new platform adoption by developers, good documentation supported by simple to understand code samples are very much…


How-to videos on EP development

Mey has published a series of excellent how-to videos on EP development. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 – Creating simple List Page in Enterprise Portal This how-to video demonstrates how to create a simple List Page in Enterprise Portal using AxGridView control.   Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 – Creating simple Task Page in Enterprise Portal This…