Filtering a DataSet from Code behind

Enterprise portal allows filtering the list pages using the Filter control available on the EP Grid. The Filter control provides a UI to select the field, criteria and the values you want to filter the grid. It is also possible to add multiple conditions. But there may be scenarios where you want to use your…


Sharing Code between User Controls in EP

One of the commonly asked questions is – How do I share code between different EP controls. Enterprise Portal in AX 2009, supports sharing of code using a dummy User Control (we call this a dummy user control as it doesn’t have any UI and contains only reusable functions). Create a User control and add…


Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Enterprise Portal Quick starts and Screen casts

Enterprise Portal in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 is built on and provides full power and flexibility  to  developers to build real , modern, interactive and responsive web applications for intranet, extranet and Internet scenarios.   For any new platform adoption by developers, good documentation supported by simple to understand code samples are very much…


MorphX DataSet, Managed DataSet and Data Binding – Part 1

EP 2009 comes with a whole new way to data bind and access AX data and yet it is still very familiar (as you will learn in this post) if you have developed EP WebForms and AX client Forms. The new way is the DataSet. Since EP 2009 is implemented using ASP.NET we needed to…


UX Guidelines for EP 2009

The UX team has released the latest UX guidelines for Dynamics AX 2009 which include details on the UX guidelines for EP 2009. It  covers the various pages types as well as the standard EP controls in detail. Very useful stuff! Download them here.


Remove the ugliness

It was pointed out to me that I had made a small mistake on my previous post. There is an ugly gap between my toolbar and the grid. There is actually some javascript code that runs when the page is rendered that will remove the gap which makes it look a lot nicer. Take a…


How-to videos on EP development

Mey has published a series of excellent how-to videos on EP development. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 – Creating simple List Page in Enterprise Portal This how-to video demonstrates how to create a simple List Page in Enterprise Portal using AxGridView control.   Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 – Creating simple Task Page in Enterprise Portal This…


Writing UI logic and a lot more

This post will discuss where UI logic is written in the EP 2009 and how you interact with your X++ code from the UI logic. I consider UI logic code that implements logic that handles user input and interaction mostly using event handlers. Often times the UI logic will manipulate the presentation as a result…