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  1. Lobbi says:

    Not totally related to this topic, but i have one question.

    Is it possible to persist the filter that is applied when an AxGridView is used?

    The filter is always reset when the user opens the web page

  2. As promised in part 1 I will continue with discussing the new Managed DataSet and in particular focus

  3. larsbmikkelsen says:

    I have tried the following from a standard winform.

               ISession session = SessionCache.GetSession(NoCacheContext.Instance, DynamicsSession.Factory.Instance);

               Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.Data.Ax.DataSet dataset = new Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.Data.Ax.DataSet(session, "tutorial_CustomerDetail");


    The session is created and the dataset are instantiated all right, but the run method causes an infinite loop and the program uses 100% cpu.

    Isn’t is possible to do this from the environment of a winform??

  4. potinue says:

    I have tried this from Asp.Net website.

    I got all the dataset information: metadata, rowcount,…

    But the run did the same as Lars said.

    The problem is maybe in the ?FormDataSourceRun? ax class run method, but that’s a kernel class, so i couldn’t debug it.

    If u know a solution please mail me to


  5. Tutoo says:


    I Am using similar code ina scenario where a page has got multiple webparts.I am trying to get the current record selected in the related webpart based upon the parent selected  contactperson based on customer and move to some related page. But this code is not working.It is throwing the following error —

    Session Release for Microsoft Dynamics failed.

    No .NET Business Connector session could be found.


      at Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.BusinessConnector.Session.DynamicsSession.get_AxaptaAdapter()

      at Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.Portal.AxWebSession.WebSessionClientRemove()

      at Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.Portal.AxWebSession.OnRelease(IAxaptaAdapter axaptaAdapter)

      at Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.BusinessConnector.Session.DynamicsSession.Release(ICacheContext context)

    This is the most common error which comes in any scenario.

    Is there any solution/workaround for it.

    Appreciate any help.

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