Introducing Protocol Handler.NET

"Protocol Handler.Net is a set of .Net wrappers for the protocol handler interfaces that enable developers to create and deploy protocol handlers for SharePoint search and Search Server. 

Developers can index data and documents from any system they can connect to.

Much of the complexity and time around the development of protocol handlers, such as COM interoperability, are reduced and hidden in the wrappers themselves letting developers just concentrate on code to connect to a content source and pull data.

Protocol Handler.Net makes it possible to develop protocol handlers in C# or VB.Net and simplifies the handling of security, metadata, streaming content, deployment and management just to name a few things. It also comes with a help system and sample project to further help developers."

Big thank you to to Chris Gomez from for creating and sharing these tools and samples!

They are available now on CodePlex at and are part of the Search Community Toolkit 


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  1. Lars and I also included a chapter on how to build protocol handlers and IFilters in our book ‘Inside the Indexing and Search Engines’ (MS Press)


  2. From the Enterprise Search Blog … Protocol Handler.Net is a set of .Net wrappers for the protocol handler

  3. Thomson says:

    Hey do you have any idea how a protocol handler for crawling mysql is implemented in search server 2008?Do tell me if you know.Please

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