Using ADFS and a Custom Claim provider for Authentication and Authorization

This covers the ADFS membership provider we presented at TechEd Orlando and TechEd Europe.  I wanted to post the code and Video, I will follow up with a more detailed walk through.   Below is the link to the AD Secure Store Code and Scripts    


Leveraging Facebook for SharePoint Security

Using Azure Access Control Services we can leverage Facebook, LiveIDs, Yahoo and Google as well as public and private federations to log into SharePoint.  The best part is we can do with with requiring code.  The video below shows a demostration of using Facebook as a sharePoint login.  This demostration also shows how if we…

Temporary Sharing Files in SharePoint

Temporary Sharing is used for adhoc sharing of files in SharePoint with external users.  The scenario would be if you have files on an environment and want to share those with external users such as Marketing Agencies, Legal groups or other external partners you could leverage this external file share to share the file with…


Securing SharePoint Content using Profile Attributes

The idea of a profile claim is to augment existing AD groups with additional security based on attributes of the user.   This is useful if an organization wants to secure content for branch employees, stores, clinics, department or employee type. The video below will help illustrate the end user experience with this blog entry focused…