WF4 State Machine User Experience

State machine is a well-known model for event-driven workflows and a highly requested feature from our WF4 users, especially those looking to move their WF3 State Machine workflows to WF4. We are very pleased to provide a new, fully-supported, WF4 State Machine including runtime and designer in the .Net Framework Platform Update 1 release (KB2495593)….


WCF Web APIs Roundup – Volume 1

A little over a month ago we launched our new WCF Web Apis on Codeplex. Since then a bunch of folks in the community (and some internal folks) have been posting about their own explorations / thoughts of the new bits. it’s great to see the work that they are doing! I am going to…


Streaming over HTTP with WCF

Recently I had a customer email me looking for information on how to send and receive large files with a WCF HTTP service. WCF supports streaming specifically for these types of scenarios.  Basically with streaming support you can create a service operation which receives a stream as it’s incoming parameter and returns a stream as…


Are you using WCF within your organization?

Do you use WCF within your organization either for internal apis for exposing services and functionality to 3rd parties? We’re looking to connect with customers using our stuff in the real world so we can understand your use cases, the things you’ve liked about WCF and where you’d like to see us improve / go…


WCF Web APIs, HTTP your way

At PDC in my session  “Building Web APIs for the Highly Connected Web” we announced WCF Web APIs, new work we are doing to make HTTP first class in WCF. In this post I am going to describe what we are doing and why. If you are saying, “just show me the bits”, then just…

0 is now live

Over the last few weeks the WCF team has been working on a variety of new projects to improve WCF’s support for building HTTP-based services for the web. We have also focused on a set of features to enable JavaScript-based clients such as jQuery. We are proud to announce that these projects are now live…


Taking HTTP support in WCF to the next level

If you are building for the web and the cloud, then you know that HTTP is important. WCF is no stranger to HTTP. Since .NET 3.5, we’ve been continually delivering capabilities in the platform to enable developers to expose services as resources over HTTP. Now we’re looking to raise the bar several notches. At PDC,…


RESTing from MEF (or The MEF dealer is at REST)

  Note: Reposted from post at on 6/30/2010 Side note: I am having serious writer’s block these days….or maybe it’s twitter’s block 🙂 Continuing the tradition of overdue posts…….It’s been over a month since i left the MEF team. Before moving on let me say that working on MEF was a fantastic experience! The…


Silverlight HTML5 WebSocket client with an HTML bridge to Ajax/JavaScript

As part of our ongoing experimentation with the HTML5 WebSocket proposed standard for duplex communication between web browsers and servers, we have prototyped a WebSocket protocol implementation based on Microsoft technologies. The prototype consists of a WCF service and a Silverlight client with an HTML bridge to JavaScript implemented in jQuery. You can read more…


Updated WCF samples for Azure

Our samples over at had gotten pretty stale, so I just put out an update that gets everything working on Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight 4, and the latest Azure tools. Enjoy! Yavor Georgiev Program Manager, WCF