WF4 Activities and Callbacks / Event Handlers

Recently David K contacted me through my blog and shared with me a solution that he came up with for a particular problem that he was able to solve using IWorkflowInstanceExtension and said it would be great if I could do an episode about it.  David already solved his problem but he wanted to… – Unit Testing Workflows

  When we asked you what you wanted to see on, one of the top three most requested topics was How to Unit Test Workflows. On this episode, I’ll show you how to test Simple activities using WorkflowInvoker Complex activities with bookmarks and WorkflowApplication WorkflowServices with Extensions Links from this episode Workflow Test Helper (MSDN… – The FlowChart Activity

In this episode, we discuss the FlowChart activity. Sure, it looks simple—and in fact it is. Watch as Leon Welicki explains how you can use the new WF4 Flowchart activity to build workflows. The sample application shown is a part of the WF4 SDK Samples. Ron Jacobsblog    @ronljacobs What do you want to see on

How to Unit Test WF4 Workflows

Recently I asked you to vote on topics you want to see on Coming in at #3 was this question on how to Unit Test WF4 Workflows. Because Workflows range from very simple activities to long and complex multi-step processes this can be a very challenging.  I found after writing many activities that I… – Workflow Services as a Batch Job

Sometimes you have work that you want to schedule for off-peak times or have happen on a recurring schedule, such as every 3 hours. While there are many ways to do this, Workflow Services are an interesting option. In this episode, I’ll show you how you can create a service that accepts start, stop, and…