RESTing from MEF (or The MEF dealer is at REST)

  Note: Reposted from post at on 6/30/2010 Side note: I am having serious writer’s block these days….or maybe it’s twitter’s block 🙂 Continuing the tradition of overdue posts…….It’s been over a month since i left the MEF team. Before moving on let me say that working on MEF was a fantastic experience! The…


AppFabric WCF DataService (C#)

Today I’m happy to announce the availability of a new Feature Builder based template for Windows Server AppFabric and WCF Data Services.  This template is an evolution of the previous AppFabric-enabled WCF Data Service (C#) template. WCF Data Services enables the creation and consumption of OData services for the web (formerly known as ADO.NET Data…

0 – Troubleshooting WCF – Bad Address on Client

Don’t you hate it when things go wrong? Most of the time on, I show you when everything is working properly. On this episode, however, I’m going to show you some tools and techniques for troubleshooting what happens when you invoke a proxy with the wrong service address. Ron Jacobsblog    @ronljacobs

0 – Meet SO-Aware (Part 1)

SO-Aware is an exciting new tool you can use with your WCF Services. This is not just another UDDI registry. Rather, this is a tool that works for SOAP, REST, and OData services and…you just have to see it in action.     Tellago Studios SO-Aware – Meet SO-Aware (Part 2 – coming soon) Ron Jacobsblog    @ronljacobs

0 – Workflow Services Security Pack

Some of the big gaps with Workflow Services have been in the area of security. In this episode, we will see the new Workflow Services Security Activity pack, which fills these holes, allowing you to Use PrincipalPermission based authorization Work with Username and SAML tokens Impersonate the caller Create client credentials for calling services And…


Using WF/WCF? Tell us about it!

Are you using WF/WCF in .NET 4? Would you like to help us improve WF/WCF in the next release? Would you mind spending an hour or two in a conference call talking about what you like, don’t like and need help with? We are looking for customers who would be willing to share their stories…