A Developer’s Guide to the WCF REST Starter Kit

We just published a new article: A Developer's Guide to the WCF REST Starter Kit.  In this article Aaron Skonnard covers all of the main features in the Starter Kit and demonstrates how to use these features in common REST scenarios with lots of samples.

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  1. frederi says:

    Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) 3.5 introduced a “Web” programming model for building RESTful services in .NET. Although WCF 3.5 lays a solid foundation for building a wide-variety of RESTful services, it still requires developers to implement a great deal of boiler-plate code for each RESTful service they build and to deal directly with important HTTP protocol features. The WCF REST Starter Kit provides a set of WCF extensions and project templates that aim to simplify REST development even further.


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