Screencast – Self-Hosting WCF in Your Application

This week, for our fourth screencast in the series, CSD MVP Aaron Skonnard walks you through how to self-host WCF services in your own applications. The screencast walks you through adding an existing service (see the creating your first WCF service screencast on how to create one) to a new console application. In this screencast, we create a new console application project, and add the code needed to reference the service and host WCF endpoints. Aaron then walks you through how to add (and configure) the proper configuration information (refer to how to configure your your WCF Service with endpoints screencast for more information). Along the way, Aaron introduces how to work with the hosted endpoints programmatically.

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PluralSight-LogoAs mentioned above, the WCF screencasts are a weekly series of Channel9 videos done in conjunction with the folks at PluralSight to help developers new to WF/WCF see how the technology is used. It’s worth noting that Aaron and the PluralSight folks are now offering online training courses (in a format similar to these screencasts) as a compliment to their catalog of instructor-led training courses covering Microsoft connected systems technologies. Their training topics range from .NET v3.5 (including an excellent WF/WCF Double Feature course) to WSS to BizTalk server.

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