PDC2008 Sessions Posted

A bunch of sessions were posted up to the PDC2008 session list very early this morning. While I understand this isn't breaking news, it is quite exciting nonetheless.

Posted CSD sessions that I find of particular interest include:

  • Workflow Services: Orchestrating Services and Business Processes
  • Extending Windows Workflow Foundation v.Next with Custom Activities
  • Workflow Services
  • Windows Workflow Foundation: Futures
  • "Oslo:" Managing Software + Services Applications
  • Hosting Workflows and Services in "Oslo"

It's always exciting to see Don Box and Chris Sells up on stage - plus a few of our program managers (Matt Winkler; Kenny Wolf; Ed Pinto) will be there to talk about a lot of the goodness coming out in 4.0. There's a lot of excitement to show you guys what the team has been working on - and we think you'll be very pleased.

From the look of the session counts, I would expect that to see a lot more sessions flow to the site over the next month or two. But the session list so far looks like there will be a lot of fun to be had in Los Angeles.

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  1. PDC2008 says:

    Noise is elevating with the posting of new sessions on August 1st. Brad Abrams highlights sessions and

  2. CSD/WF/WCF/Oslo We start today with Cliff Simpkins in CSD at Microsoft who lets us know about a new batch of papers, demos and guides in various downloads, mostly pertaining to WF. Great stuff! Pay particular attention to the release of Patterns &

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