Best Practices Book of Turkish MVPs just released!

15 Turkish MVPs came together in order to realize a life time expertise project, with which they aim to share their real life experiences on development & infrastructure projects and best practices with the Local IT Industry. The book “Most Valuable Experiences towards the Solution” is released and published as of July 2008 with the support of Local MS and MVP Program. The book consists of 19 chapters, each based on the experiences of the 15 MVP authors on different fields of IT industry. Thus the book gives a multi-perspective view on 19 exclusive topics related to IT and IT industry in Turkey. Besides giving an insight to the Industry from the point of view of MVPs, this book is also the source of a very special excitement in the sense of being the first “ Best Practices of IT Industry” book . For those who are at the beginning of their career in IT Industry and those who already started to climb the stairs to the peak , with no doubt this book will be a zenith inscription to light their way.

Thanks to all our MVPs and other contributors for their efforts.

List of Turkish MVPs as Authors of the Book include: Coskun Sunalı, Ediz Ozturk, Evren Ayan, Eralp Erat, Hayrettin Ucuncu, Hakan Ulagan, Kadir Çamoğlu, Levent Cenk Caglar, Mustafa Acungil, Onder Erunsal, Sefer Algan, Tamer Oz, Yaşar Gozudeli, Yeşim Sunger, Yunus Emre Alpozen.

Official site of best practices book of Turkish MVPs :

If you want to obtain the book, here are the links :

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