Your Britain in pictures: BBC Microsoft Live Labs Photosynth

The BBC is collaborating with Microsoft Live Labs Photosynth to create three- dimensional representations of some of the most dramatic buildings in Britain by combining hundreds of different photographs. You can enjoy a virtual tour of some of Britain's most striking buildings.

Here is the quick tour about Photosynth :

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  1. buraksarica says:

    It would be nice if there is a site powered by photosynth, providing these virtual tours to the new seven wonders of the world. You know one of them is (Hagiasophia). Is there any information about the licensing of this technology?

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    One of my colleague is planning and working on building virtual tour library for Turkey.Blue mosque and hagiasophia are in the list 🙂

    Currently we do not any licensing model for photosynth technology for broad usage.

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