MAPI Utility to add Ldap Address Books to existing Outlook profiles

Current version:   I’ve had quite a few requests recently for a tool that can configure Ldap (Internet) Address Books in existing Outlook profiles. Since I don’t know of any tool to do this except for the good ole PRF import, I’ve decided to write some code for posterity. Unlike the PRF import, this…


MAPI Application: Enable or disable Cached Mode in the default Outlook profile or specific profiles

I wrote this MAPI application for a customer the other day. The application uses the Outlook 2010 MAPI headers and some of the header files shipped with MFCMAPI. They are all included in the attached archive. You can run the application to enable or disable cached mode by using the –E, respectively the –D switches….


MAPI Application: How to programmatically create a blank MAPI profile

Note: You need to use the Outlook MAPI header files with this code.   1: // MAPICreateBlankProfile.cpp : Defines the entry point for the console application. 2: // 3:  4: #include "stdafx.h" 5: #include <iostream> 6: #include <InitGuid.h> 7: #define USES_IID_IMAPIProp 8: #include <wchar.h> 9: #include <winerror.h> 10: #include <Mapix.h> 11: #include <mapiutil.h> 12: #include…


Automatically update PST location (Outlook/MAPI profiles)

Note: updated 9th December 2015 as there was a bug (when processing multiple pst files).  It is also now a Visual Studio 2013 solution. A recent request was whether it was possible to change the location of pst files using a script.  The actual scenario in this case wasn’t supported, because the pst files were…


MAPI Application: How to remove an existing additional Exchange mailbox from a MAPI profile in Outlook

Following my post How to add more Exchange mailboxes to a MAPI profile in Outlook 2010 (KB 171636) you can find below a code sample that allows you to remove an existing additional Exchange Mailbox from a MAPI profile. //RemoveMailbox.cpp Defines the entry point for the console application. #include "stdafx.h" //The following headers may be…