Outlook’s slow add-ins resiliency logic and how to always enable slow add-ins

Overview This post explains how to deploy registry settings that would force Outlook to always load a specific add-in. The information in this post only applies to slow (VSTO) add-ins. If Outlook disables your add-in to prevent a crash, this blog post isn’t for you. Requirements Outlook 2013 or 2016. Information Outlook 2013 and 2016’s…


Configuring and manging Outlook’s Autocomplete Cache

Overview Outlook cannot be configured for selective (criteria based) caching of entries in the autocomplete stream. In addition, individual entries cannot be removed by standard programmatic means. Individual entries can be removed manually using the Outlook client. More information The autocomplete stream is a set of recipient property rows that are saved as a binary…


Programmatically manage OWA 2013 folder conversation view settings

As a few people have requested this, I’ve written a .Net sample for managing folder Conversation View settings for OWA 2013. In Exchange 2013, the Conversation View settings are stored the FolderViewState element of the OWA.ViewStateConfiguration configuration item stored in the associated content of the Root folder. This sample can be used to list or…


MAPI Application: Enable or disable Cached Mode in the default Outlook profile or specific profiles

I wrote this MAPI application for a customer the other day. The application uses the Outlook 2010 MAPI headers and some of the header files shipped with MFCMAPI. They are all included in the attached archive. You can run the application to enable or disable cached mode by using the –E, respectively the –D switches….