Customising the default icon of an Office Add-in for Outlook

Symptoms When you install an add-in from the Office store, it will come with a predefined set of icons. Depending on your organisation’s needs, you might need to change those. More Information The icons Outlook will display are defined in the add-in manifest, which you can extract using Fiddler. You would need to locate the…


GetFolder sometimes returns an incorrect TotalCount when issued against a Public Folder mailbox hosted in Office 365

Symptoms When issuing an Exchange Web Services GetFolder request to a public folder mailbox hosted in Office 365 Exchange Online, the TotalCount returned in the response may incorrectly show a value of 0.  More Information Office 365 Exchange Online engineering have confirmed this as a known architecture limitation that we are not planning on addressing…


ROPC (Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant) Flow

Overview This blog post is intended for the Exchange Administrators that are using Powershell scripts to consume the Outlook REST API v1.0 endpoint authenticating with user credentials. With the REST API v1.0 with support to Basic Authentication deprecation, a transition is required to the Microsoft Graph API or to the REST API v2.0 EndPoint….