EWS: Push Notification Sample

I wrote a sample application quite a while ago showing how to write a push notification client using WCF.  This seemed a little complex to me, and I have now got another sample that uses the managed API and a custom listener (taken from SOAPe) to respond to the notifications.  The listener form has been…


MAPI Application: Enable or disable Cached Mode in the default Outlook profile or specific profiles

I wrote this MAPI application for a customer the other day. The application uses the Outlook 2010 MAPI headers and some of the header files shipped with MFCMAPI. They are all included in the attached archive. You can run the application to enable or disable cached mode by using the –E, respectively the –D switches….


PowerShell: Set Calendar folder delegate permissions in Exchange 2007

Exchange 2010 has cmdlets (Add-MailboxFolderPermission, Set-MailboxFolderPermission) that allow an administrator to update folder permissions on a user’s calendar.  Unfortunately, Exchange 2007 does not have these cmdlets.  We recently had a case that required updating many mailboxes (in this case resource mailboxes) to allow all users to be able to see the calendar (and details of bookings) in…