Spotlight On: Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight is a free runtime that powers rich application experiences and delivers high quality, interactive video across multiple platforms and browsers, using the .NET framework. It extends and amplifies your existing development skills, empowering you to build new types of applications for the Web regardless of target platform or browser.


We occasionally get customers asking us how they can get up to speed on Silverlight so please check out the links and materials below to help you get familiar with Silverlight.




Why Silverlight

Silverlight -Showcase

Silver Light Gallery

Silverlight - Wiki



How to Install and Uninstall Silverlight

Silverlight Examples and Samples Download

How to use gradient color brush in Silverlight

How to display text with solid color brush

Hello World Silverlight Example with Tag

Install Silverlight


BOOK Resources:

Introducing Microsoft Silverlight 2.0, 2nd Edition

Silverlight 2 Visual Essentials

Data Services with Silverlight 2

Silverlight 2 in Action

Silverlight Video

Screen casts for Silverlight 2

Hands-On Labs

Silverlight Presentations

Silverlight for Mobile

Watch the following introductory videos for Silverlight 2



Getting started

Media & Animation

Silverlight Server Administration



Silverlight 2 Toolkit March 2009 Installer

Silverlight 3 Toolkit March 2009 Installer

Microsoft® Silverlight™ 2 Tools for Visual Studio 2008 SP1

Microsoft Expression Blend™ 2 Service Pack 1

Microsoft Expression Blend™ 2 Trial

Microsoft® Silverlight™ 2 Software Development Kit

Silverlight 3 Tools for Visual Studio

Microsoft® Silverlight™ 3 Tools Beta 1 for Visual Studio 2008 SP1

Eclipse Tools for Silverlight



Silverlight - Documentation on Administration

Free Ajax Code Generator!

Install Deep Zoom Composer

Microsoft Expression Blend

Expression Design

Silverlight Community

Microsoft® Expression® Encoder 2 Trial

Microsoft® Expression® Studio 2 Trial


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