Diagnostic Automation Tools

In our continued drive to improve your support experience, Microsoft Customer Services and Support has been building powerful automated diagnostic capabilities. Our diagnostic ecosystem directly impacts Self-Help, Proactive, and Assisted Support; working in a continuous cycle of improvement to identify and resolve more problems, more efficiently. Diagnostic packages are a key part of the ecosystem….


CRM 2011 On-Premise latency tool

Within CRM 2011 Update Rollup 4 a new diagnostics page is now available. This tool will help you identify and compare the user experiences across your branch offices in regards to the CRM Server. The tool is available upon the installation of the "CRM Server Update Rollup 4" via the below URL http://YOURCRMServer/Tools/Diagnostics/diag.aspx After hitting…


Clean out trailing spaces in contact fields in Dynamics CRM

If you import Data over SDK Webservices you are able to import trailing spaces. These trailing spaces are normally trimmed from the UI and never got to the database, but over the SDK there is no trimming. If you synchronize contacts with outlook, Outlook parses the fields and trims the spaces. So this contact is…


How to decode the communication between the CRM 2011 server and the CRM 2011 client

The communication between the CRM 2011 outlook Addin and the CRM 2011 Web services is implemented via WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) that ensures that the payload between Server and Client is encrypted (means only the data, not the SOAP envelope) by default. The encryption is handled by WCF and happens transparently for the Application. The…


CRM Debug Information Page

Each CRM installation has an out-of-the box ASPX page that contains basic information regarding your CRM (verified for CRM 4.0 and CRM 2011) installation. If you refer to the following URL: http://ServerName:Port/OrgName/home/home_debug.aspx     (replace ServerName, Port and OrgName to reflect your installation) You will receive information regarding DataSource, Component Version Numbers, OrganizationID, etc. Greetings from the…


CRM 2011 Online latency tool

If you are running CRM 2011 Online we might ask you to provide us some additional information regarding our environment. This tool improves our capabilities for gathering data. It is located at the same relative path off of every organization: https://OrgURL/tools/diagnostics/diag.aspx OrgURL = The URL that is used to sign into your CRM 2011 Online…


Tools contained in the Update Rollup packages

  An Update Rollup  package contains besides the updated CRM code a range of tools that perform specific repair or configuration tasks. To get the tools you will need to extract the UR15 server package (or later) to a location on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server by opening a command prompt and typing the following…